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We offer a wide range of frames from the classic ornate to the latest modern design, your choice.

Two Aux end mounts with 1/4 inch standard photo screw fixture's, can be fed via 8 way mains adapter for extra lights video etc.


Full set of Chasing LEDs perimeter lights with 120 different programs, anything from fast pulsating to slow phasing.


Continuous LEDs 480 fully controllable on detachable internal bracket.


OR studio flash, with modelling lamp, complete with reflector for soft beautiful light. 

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The Magic Mirror is a full 66" diagonal.  It's 60" tall  74" with LED  or 188cm. The Mirror is slightly angled so it can accommodate large groups of people.


We use the latest software with Animations by photoboothanimations Simply the best on the market.


The back opens fully and quickly for computer, camera, printer. The Magic Mirror is of strong lightweight construction.