Fully automated workflow from capture to printing.

Fully automated workflow from capture to printing.

Customized prints with text and graphics with built in template editor.

E-mail, sms, Twitter, and QR code sharing

Optimized for touch screen.

Generated animated GIFs with customizable overlays.

Option to add photo effects such as black/white seepia or other filters.

Male, Female and customizable audio prompts.

Live view which allows people to see a video of themselves before the camera takes a picture.

Can automatically upload your prints to your Facebook page in the background while your booth is running. Guests can instantly see the photos and can share, boosting your social reach.

 Our beautiful Animations are created by our friends at they are the best

Built in Template Editor with designs to get you started including the classic four pose or you can make your  own with the onboard template designer .

Signature, allows guests to give the photo the personal touch .